Used Cars DFW                                                                                                                                     

With annual sales of over US$350 billion, the used vehicle industry represents almost half of the U.S. auto retail market and is the largest retail segment of the economy. In 2016, about 17.6 million used cars and trucks were sold in the United States, a slight increase from 17.5 million used cars sold in 2015. As of 2016, 38.5 million used vehicles were sold.

Before You Buy a Car, you should answer these questions:

  • How Much Do You Have to Spend on a Car?
  • What Type of Car Do You Need?
  • Should I Buy  Used Cars DFWor New?
  • Should I Ever Lease a Car?

When it comes time to buy a car, you have a variety of choices available to you. Not only do you need to pick the make and model of your car, you also need to decide if you want to buy a new or used cars DFW.  This is an important decision and it can make a big difference in your finances over the next several years. It is important to realize that buying a car is not an investment Your options may also be determined on whether or not you qualify for a loan or if you need pay in cash.  Texan Ride will help you to make a decision for buying the best one, contact our sales team at (972)546-3822.

There are some advantages of Buying a Used Cars DFW

  • Buying a Used Cars Saves Your Money

You will save thousands of dollars by purchasing a used car DFW. In fact, based on the data cited above, you’ll spend $20,000less by choosing the average used car instead of the average new car. Why is this? New cars depreciate and fast.

  • A bulk of Depreciation Has Already Occurred

It’s nothing new and surprising that a new car depreciates 10-20% of its value as soon as it leaves the showroom. An average of 11% drop is inevitable, for example, if a car worth $20,000 leaves the lot its worth drops to $17,800 immediately. The depreciation continues for weeks and months to years. But in case of used vehicles, the major depreciation has already occurred. In fact with a few modifications that chances are that the value of an old car may even increase.

  • No Exaggerated Fees

As with car insurance, the fee that states charge to register a car is often based on the car’s transaction price. And many states are increasing registration fees in an effort to generate more revenue. Buying used car DFW is an effective way to stunt those increases.

  • Warranties

Some used cars DFW still have part of their original warranty. Other used car may have the option of creating a new warranty. An extended manufacturer warranty on used cars can provide factory trained technicians to repair your car with quality parts and speedy service. Plus, you can utilize a portion of your savings from NOT buying a new car and have a warranty that covers everything until 100,000 miles or more. What new car offers that?

  • Lower Customization Costs
  • Lower Insurance Premiums
  • Better for the Environment
  • Lower Annual Registration Fees

If you are in the market for a used car, never fear. Buying a used car DFW is easier and more affordable than ever. Several online sites make researching a vehicle’s history a breeze, and many top car manufacturers have produced cars in the last decade that have aged as well as fine wine. The picks below all received top safety and reliability marks and will give you a great bang for your buck.  Texan Ride will locate you  Used Car DFW for low price contact our sales team at (972)546-3822.


Here are some mistakes that you need to avoid when buying a used car:

What would you normally use the car for? How often are you going to use it? How many are you in the family? These are some of the questions you need to consider. Don’t buy a sports car when you have four children. On the other hand, don’t purchase a minivan if you are a bachelor who does not travel too much. Your car should suit your needs and not just for the sake of getting a car.

Often, when people look for a new car, they think about the monthly payments they’ll have to make. While a lower monthly payment is good for your monthly budget, a longer payment period actually means that you end up paying back more money overall. Due to compounding interest, it could make more sense for you to take on a higher monthly payment since it’s possible to pay back the principle in a shorter time period.

Also, you should be aware of the difference between a lease payment and a car payment. While your monthly lease payments can be lower than your monthly loan payments, you have to return a leased car at the end of your lease. If you bought your used car, you can sell it or trade it in at your discretion.

While monthly payments are an important part of financing a used car through a loan, don’t forget about cash. If you have enough funds to buy your used car outright, you can actually save a lot of money over the long term and eliminate the mistake of buying a used car based on monthly payments.

Buying a car doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. Spend most of your time choosing a car you can afford that meets your needs, and you will be happy to drive. Yes, get online pricing and competing dealer quotes from a site like Edmunds, but don’t kill yourself fighting with the dealership unless you like that sort of thing.

If you are thinking about purchasing a used car, you know how confusing it can be. There are so many things to consider that it can be a daunting experience. This is even truer if you are considering buying a car for the first time. There are many things to look for when purchasing a used car but one important factor is to give the car a physical check before making your final decision. Checking the car’s form and under the hood. Testing the car while driving and reaching your decision. Please Contact our professional staff for more information at Texan Ride  (972) 546-3822.